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adviceWhether professionals or beginners, skiers must be equipped with ski knowledge and information to enjoy a memorable ski holiday.

We dedicate this page for real skiing advice revolving around grades or the steepness of the slopes, the trail as well as recent snow condition and ratings of ski resorts and their facilities.

As we are after providing what to take and what’s not, beginners will learn where the green circles are, which are the easiest and skiable areas while for the intermediates and the professionals, the blue squares and the black diamond areas respectively. With our advice forum, fellow skiers will have the chance to help out each other and share different skiing solutions that are proven to worth-trying.

It is important for skiers to keep in mind that different ski resorts have their own interpretations of ski categories and this page will help you do your homework of knowing skiing information and advices before hitting the slopes.

Don’t hesitate to ask, that’s what this blog encourages to those who’s planning their ski holiday. We’re here to answer squarely all of your inquiries to ensure skiers enjoy their skiing adventures that are not at the expense of the environment.

This page talks about ways of sticking to the rules  at each visit to  environment-friendly ski resorts and help skiers continue this outdoor activity of breathing mountain air and taking the physical test of nature’s most challenging terrain.

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