Furnished Accommodation in Sydney

No matter what your accommodation taste is, a cheap accommodation would always be a welcome thing. And if you’ve decided on settling in Sydney, here are some ways that could help you in finding a cheap place to stay while enjoying Australia’s most popular city.

Hospitality exchange

Furnished Accommodation SydneyThere’s nothing cheaper than having a free place to stay while in Sydney. If you know someone who loves Sydney, and who could offer you a free place would definitely make you save much of your travel budget and there are some people who manage websites that make arrangements with the locals to give a free place for traveler. Just surf the net and you’ll find these top ranking websites for free and cheap accommodation in Sydney.


If you are the type of traveler who loves mingling with people, staying in a Sydney hostel fits you in. These Sydney hostels are dormitory type accommodation and far from the exclusiveness of a boutique furnished accommodation in Sydney but it gives you the liberty to a cheap accommodation and the chance to be with type of people you love hanging out with.

Home exchange

If you happen to own a home, you can enroll in a home exchange program that runs a community of homeowner travelers who swap their homes with another traveler in a different country. The program ensures travelers to enjoy the security of a real home for a free tag. The home exchange program however is suitable only for those of like-minded and the core is founded on trust and respect.

Short term rentals

There are apartments in Sydney that offer cheap short term accommodation. The rent is usually on a weekly or monthly basis and the good thing is many Short Term Accommodation Sydney offer great amenities compared to hotels. Most apartments are located in premier subdivisions and near or within places of entertainment and Sydney’s Attractions.

Inner Sydney is known for high-end living. Many well-placed travelers love staying in this area as it offers the grandest city lifestyle and living, and this could tag places of accommodation in this area as expensive. While many of the furnished apartment to rent in Inner Sydney offer exclusiveness, there are apartments that are cheaper compared to staying in hotels because tenants can buy and cook their food therefore allowing them to save some good portions of their travel budget.

If you have finalized your decision of settling in Sydney, finding a cheap accommodation in Sydney will definitely open more doors to explore the city as you have more savings to splurge on discovering this amazing Australian City.

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