What’s the Best Shower Regrouting Component to Choose

Regrouting your shower is essential if you want to keep your bathroom’s health in top shape. Regrouting doesn’t have to happen within a year since doing it excessively can cost you a lot. As long everything is okay, you don’t have to go for grout shower repairs. However, some circumstances would force you to apply grout on your surfaces once again, and when this happens, you will be faced with a predicament, which is choosing what regrout component is best. If you’re someone who’s struggling with making a decision, this article might be of help.


Making grout is simple, and mostly, it is only a combination of cement and other additives to make it healthy or standout. Sanded grout, on the other hand, is pretty self-explanatory. With the help of the sand additive, the grout mixture becomes a lot thicker than usual. Adding sand would also help the mixture stay strong and together, making it an ideal option for unusual surfaces that requires more work.

Sanded grout is best used for tumbled marble, mosaic tile, glass, and handmade tiles.


Grout shower repairs involving unsanded grouts are mostly made to save money or fit everything inside a budget. The unsanded mixture is already decent on its own; however, the additives mostly makes it a lot better. It isn’t recommended to use unsanded grout mixtures on wider gaps.

Unsanded grout is best used for machine-made and polished tiles.


Aside from a leaking shower in Sydney, bathroom repairs are often called for regrouting purposes. Within this decade, more and more people realize using grouts, which gave manufacturers other ideas to attract more household owners. One of the most common and surprisingly good components right now is epoxy.

Grout shower repairs use epoxy as an alternative to cement as the base component. One of the most obvious reasons it is picked over the traditional part is its strength. However, when it comes to pricing, epoxy falls flat as cement is still the number one choice for people who are on a tight budget.

 To grout shower repair using epoxy, make sure that the tile is of high-quality. Other than that, epoxy can be used in any tiles, as long as it is in good condition.

Regrouting has been around for decades, but it is surprising how manufacturers are still coming up with new ideas to make it a lot more interesting. Deciding what component to go for when it comes to regrout shower is challenging, and we hope that this article cleared some of your confusion.

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