Top Ski Places in Europe

It is that time of the year when those of us with the passion for skiing start searching the internet for the best ski destinations in Europe. Since there are so many places to go, it can be difficult to choose the best for you. Below are some of the best ski places in Europe that you can check out:

L’Alpe D’Huez, Francealpe-dhuez

If you have ever seen the famous France bike race you will undoubtedly remember the spectacular stage which winds its way across 21 hair spin bends to the foot of L’Alpe D’Huez. This resort is one of the largest in Europe and it also boasts 249 kilometers of run and 81 ski rifts. You will be amazed by the predominantly south facing slopes, with variety of runs. If you are adventurous, you will enjoy the wealth of off piste possibilities and prospects of skiing the serene, which is the world’s longest black, run. This resort is great for novice skiers. You really cannot afford to miss this.

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St Anton, Australia

This is a wonderful ski resort in Australia. However, if you are faint hearted, this is not the place for you. This ski resort is a favorite amongst most experts and intermediate skiers. It forms part of the Arlberg region and thanks to links with the neighboring villages, you can enjoy up to 260 kilometers of breathtaking scenery and runs from one village to another. With some of the most consistent snow fall in Europe, accompanied with a lively après ski center, this resort turns out to be the best for any seasoned skier who wants to do it the hard way.

Zermatt, Switzerland

With over 60 food joints on slope, you will surely have a lifetime experience at this resort. The resort spreads over 3 mountains combined with 153 miles run. This might be the best place for you if you love short snacks breaks after several intervals. You should not forget to eye the graceful Matterhorn as it towers over the valley.

Alagna, Italy

This resort is ideal for big mountain free riding. It is located on the south of Monte Rosa Massif and offers 115 miles of runs to offer you a wonderful skiing experience. If you love night life then this is the place to be.

Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

Located at one of the finest and scenic places in Switzerland, you will get an opportunity to ski amongst the most famous Monch and Eiger peaks. You can enjoy the perfect views as you ski down Europe’s longest glacier known as Aletschgletscher, which is 14 miles long. Having a ski trip on the glacier can definitely be worthwhile as it is a great experience.

If you are an adventure lover, skiing on the most attractive slopes this winter might just be the experience you need to make your new year a blast. Head down to these ski resorts in Europe and you will never regret!

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Luxurious Ski Chalets in Europe

Skiing surely is fun. Whether or not you have tried it already just by seeing how it’s done, you’ll probably want to try skiing at some point in your life. Skiing is a competitive sport and a recreational activity. But, before it was done out of sports or entertainment, it was first used in the 1860s as a means of transporting goods and military purposes. It was very helpful as a faster way of transporting goods especially to places with heavy snowfall.

luxury-chaletsIn skiing, the participant attaches two skis or long runners to his/her boots used to travel and glide on snow faster and holds two long metal rods used to control the direction and speed. Often done on mountain tops, it is one of the most fun and exciting sports ever. From riding solo to skiing with friends and families, it will always guarantee you with a fun and memorable experience.

Skiing is also a very fun way to spend a holiday vacation with family and friends, along with the beautiful and icy scenery that you can see; the exciting activity itself is definitely worth it. From skating to skiing, you can do a lot of enjoyable things even though you are in an icy place like the European Alps. With all these elements right in your vacation, it is guaranteed that you will surely have a memorable holiday vacation with your loved ones.

Now if you’d like to try the adventure of skiing, there is a lot of Luxury Ski Chalets in Austria to accommodate your stay. There are chalets like Chalet Jazzi found at the heart of Zurs centre and has 3 bedrooms. Another is a central penthouse found in Mayrhofen. Other ski chalets are Haus Wasserbauer that is a ski and summer self-catering in Muhlback, Austria that has 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, a ski resort found in Saalback Hinterglemm, the Pension Enzian, a ski-in and ski-out chalet that has a sauna and welcomes pets too.

There are also Luxury Ski Chalets and Apartments in Tyrol, Austria. For example, the Kitzbuhel, Solden and Ischgl. While in Salzburg there are ski resorts like the Zell Am See, Saalback, Hinterglemm and the Kaprun. Kotschach-Mauthen, Mallnitz, and Lavanttal can be found in Carinthia in Austria.

These very beautiful and luxurious ski chalets found in different places of Austria all offer great service ensuring that you will really enjoy your stay. These Luxury Ski Resorts are very great, especially in accommodating you and your family and friends for a great vacation weekend experience that everyone will remember.


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Skiing in Europe

skieuropeHave you ever tried skiing? This is the fun recreational activity and sport where the person skiing attaches two long runners to his or her boots that are called skis, and uses these to slide down snowy mountain hills and is controlled with two rods. This sport is slightly over the edge type since it requires a great amount of skill and balance to control the body from sliding downhill.   Skiing has also been used for military purposes in the past and also in travelling from distant places especially in areas with heavy snowfall, this activity is very useful in travelling and transporting purposes until around the 1860s. There are a lot of competitive skiing events that are acknowledged by the International Olympic Committee and the International Ski Federation.

There are two types of skiing, first is the Nordic skiing, which originated in Scandinavia as a means of transporting over snow. This skiing includes Telemark, Ski Touring, Ski Mountaineering, Skijoring, Cross-Country Skiing, and Ski flying. Second is the Alpine skiing which is also called downhill skiing that is usually done in ski resorts, this type of skiing has originated in the European Alps that is described by two fixed-heel bindings that are attached to both the heel and toe of the skier’s boot.

There are lots of ski resorts fund in Europe, especially since sport skiing is basically discovered in this region due to the heavy snow in the past. If you are in Switzerland, you might want to visit Interlaken, Bernese Oberland where there is nearly a 150 mile ski track, great for practicing skiing. In this place you will find Kleine Scheidegg-Mannlichen which is known to be one of the world’s most gorgeous ski settings. Another one found in Switzerland is in Zermatt, Valais, and Swiss Alps which is recognized for the famous mountain called Matterhorn. If you happen to be in Austria, you might like to try visiting Zell am See, Austrian Alps and give skiing a try. Paris is not just all about the Eiffel tower but you can also try skiing in Val d’Isere, Savoie, Rhone-Alpes where it is known to be the home to many ski slopes and schools where they teach beginners the concept, nature and structure of skiing. If you have a Finnish friend, try inviting him or her to try skiing in Levi, Sirkka, Lapland where they offer a year-round outdoor resort, great for tourists and travelers, Levi is also known to be the largest ski center in all of Finland.

Finding and locating ski resorts in Europe isn’t a hard task, since you can find a good amount of ski resorts in there.

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